PirateDoge is a Binance Smart Chain Token

Ahoy, me hearties! Avast ye pirates, dead men tell no tales, join us for some booty! ⚓

🔱 Yo ho ho we av found a hidden gem 💎 and we set sail on our pirate ship 🏴‍☠️ to find more treasure! 🚀

We're one of the top coins from community votes

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Tokenomics 🚀

This launch will be safe, with no rug pull and very exciting multiple gains


Token Symbol

💰 1 Quadrillion Tokens

Total Supply

💥 2%


💎 2%


🗣️ 4%


🔥 4%


Join our community 🚀


A token that will increase transaction transparency within commerce by providing a real-time and detailed log of all transactions. PirateDoge will hold live AMA’s for Q’s & A’s of its investors on a regular basis


PirateDoge is a community-built crypto currency operating in the growing and fast-paced digital currency space.

How To Purchase $PDOGET🚀

1. Create Your Wallet

Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet Applications

2. Send $BNB to MetaMask

Purchase Binance Tokens (BNB) and send them to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

3. Visit Pancake Swap

Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap app, go to Exchange

4. Swap $BNB for $PDOGET

$PDOGET token is available on the Binance Smart Chain.

Roadmap 🚀



Piratedoge will be advertised via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and Poocoin banner. PRESALE: 1BNB per person – 7 Days


Piratedoge coin holders will only be pre-sale holders and no developers or owners of the coin will stop the blast off for a fair launch. Piratedoge is born and a new journey start and will be advertised via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Poocoin charts listed and banners.


We are preparing soon for a second marketing push of influencers, youtube, tik tok and all marketing channels to promote our product positively.


For future growth the coin will look at further listings and more extensive marketing channels including keeping the existing marketing ongoing strategy


We are looking to go on CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, CoinGecko and others after launch 🚀

10000X Growth Plan

Community driven, PirateDoge listens to holders, with a roadmap to give everyone the chance to multiply their coin holdings many times over.

NFT Marketplace

We are building our own marketplace where community inviters are instantly rewarded $0.25c for every minted collection of the invited creator, and 25% from commission fees on completed purchases.


Guide Dogs will be our charity of choice globally, and they rely on donations to continue life-changing work for the blind. To help make a difference to people living with sight loss, it costs a phenomenal amount of money to support a guide dog from birth to retirement.